Are You a Working Teen?

Are You a Working Teen?

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Could I get hurt or sick on the job?

18-year-old Sylvia caught her hand in an electric cabbage shredder at a fast food restaurant. Her hand is permanently disfigured and she’ll never have full use of it again.

17-year-old Joe lost his life while working as a construction helper. An electric shock killed him when he climbed a metal ladder to hand an electric drill to another worker.

16-year-old Donna was assaulted and robbed at gunpoint at a sandwich shop. She was working alone after 11 p.m.

Every year nearly 70 teens under 18 die from work injuries in the United States. Another 84,000 get hurt badly enough that they go to the hospital emergency room.

What hazards should I watch out for?

Type of work and examples of hazards


    • Toxic chemicals in cleaning products
    • Blood on discarded needles

Food Service

    • Slippery floors
    • Hot cooking equipment
    • Sharp objects


    • Violent crimes
    • Heavy lifting


    • Stress
    • Harassment
    • Poor computer workstation design

Read the fact sheet to get answers to these questions: English | or | Spanish

    • What are my rights on the job?
    • Is it OK to do any kind of work?
    • Are there other things I can’t do?
    • Do I need a work permit?
    • What are my safety responsibilities on the job?
    • Should I be working this late or this long?
    • What if I get hurt on the job?
    • What is workers’ compensation?
    • What if I have a safety problem?
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