Daily Journal of Commerce: Student safety video contest (and our choice for the winner!)
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KTVZ-TV (Bend): Sisters HS Duo Win Statewide Safety Video Contest
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Occupational Health & Safety Magazine: Student Safety Video Contest Under Way
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Parent tips: Keeping young workers safe
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Getting a first job is an important milestone. This experience can be very  rewarding. It also may expose your teen to hazardous tasks and worksite conditions. Young workers are far more likely than adults to be injured at work, even though they work fewer hours and are prohibited from doing some particularly dangerous jobs. Take this…

Connecting with future workers: GOSH student day
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O[yes] will be once again sponsoring Student Day at the 2015 Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health (GOSH) Conference! Oregon teachers and high school students, especially those involved with vocational, experiential learning, and hands-on work experience will benefit most from this experience. See photos from GOSH 2013. The 2015 GOSH Student Day will be held…

Young workers, old school training: When great minds don’t think alike
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Learn about the risk factors unique to young workers in this new, interactive training created by SAIF Corporation