For Instructors

Protecting young workers – What teachers and counselors can do

  • Teach about young worker rights, responsibilities, Teach health and safety in your classes. Various curricula have been developed to educate teens about workplace safety and health; in work experience, workability, school-to-career and life skills classes, as well as in academic classes such as U.S. Government, English or Science classes. Oregon has a Youth @ Work:  Talking Safety curriculum, newly updated in 2015, but still free and downloadable. Also new in 2015 – a one-hour curriculum designed by NIOSH called Safety Matters. New to 2015, O[yes] has developed O[yes] Safety Speaks – a cadre of safety and health professionals available to lead a discussion to your classroom or group about safety at work. Learn more about Safety Speaks.  To get more information please use this contact form.
  • Distribute fact sheets to teens. Key labor laws and health and safety laws can help protect teens and short, easy-to-read fact sheets can summarize these for a teen. See these examples: Are you a working teen? (English) and ?Eres un joven que trabaja? (Spanish). To request or download materials such as posters, fact sheets, bookmarks, etc. visit the National Young Worker Health and Safety Resource Center’s  website.
  • Post safe Jobs for Youth Posters in your classroom. Have a poster contest in your class and post your own posters.
  • Be aware of the laws that can protect teens from being injured on the job. Oregon’s Child Labor Laws prohibit teens from working late and/or long hours, and from doing especially dangerous work. ( Oregon OSHA’s workplace safety and health regulations require that the workplace be safe, and that workers receive health and safety training on the tasks they do. ( )
  • Help teens with problems at work. Read through and encourage teens to check out the For Teens page on this website. If a teen has concerns about hours or safety at work, help him or her think about what changes are needed and why, whose help might be needed, and how to approach the supervisor. For health and safety information and advice, call the National Young Worker Safety Resource Center. Many materials are available in Spanish. (510) 643-2424


Resources for you

  • Young employee safety awareness online training – now available! Check out this free young employee safety awareness online training! Complete this 45 minute, flexible online course and get a certificate from Oregon OSHA. This training provides young workers with awareness of health and safety at work. It will enhance the youth’s understanding of young worker injuries, finding and controlling hazards, the rights and responsibilities they ...
  • 2017 Oregon GOSH Conference: Student and Early-Career Day O is pleased to sponsor the 2017 GOSH Career Day for young people (18-24) interested in a career in safety and health on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Objective: To introduce young people (18-24) to the safety and health profession through a full day, no-cost attendance at Oregon’s largest ...
  • OSHA 10 for Young Workers Since 2010, health and safety professionals representing the Columbia-Willamette Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) have been presenting 10-hour OSHA classes for about-to-graduate Oregon high school students. This class, fondly called OSHA 10 among safety folks, gives a terrific introduction to job hazards, workplace rights and responsibilities, and more. Over the past few ...
  • O[yes] awarded Oregon OSHA training grant! Update: December 5, 2016, The training program is online! Young Employee Safety Awareness Online Training and Student Workbook Original: December 8, 2015 We are pleased to announce that O partners at Oregon State University will craft an online awareness learning course aimed at boosting safety ...
  • Safety Speaks Teachers and Group Leaders: Are you looking for dynamic speakers to introduce high school-aged students to the importance of workplace safety? We are pleased to provide Oregon-based occupational safety and health professionals to present and lead this discussion in a group setting at no cost to you. Our speakers are all experienced workplace safety leaders ...
  • Oregon Teachers! Reserve space now to bring your students to the Third Annual Student Day at the Governor’s Safety and Health Conference at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland on Tuesday, March 5, 2013.

If necessary, contact one of these agencies

To make a health or safety complaint:

  • Oregon OSHA
    (800) 922-2689

To make a complaint about wages or work hours:

  • Oregon Wage and Hour Division
    (971) 673-0844
  • US. Department of Labor
    (866) 487-9243

For information about benefits for injured workers:

  • Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division
    (800) 452-0288

To make a complaint about sexual harassment or discrimination:

  • Oregon Civil Rights Division
    (971) 673-0764
  • US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    (800) 669-4000