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Protecting Young Workers – What Parents Can Do

O[yes] Parent Tip Sheet

Do you have teens about to start work or new to work? Did you know that young people under the age of 25 are twice as likely to get hurt on-the-job than older workers? Learn about what you can do to help prepare your teen to be safer at work. Download the O[yes] Parent Tip Sheet.

Know the risks

Working too many hours or too late may be harmful to teens. Teens can and do get hurt in a variety of work places.

Check out Oregon’s young worker injuries and illnesses to see where and how teens are injured in Oregon.

Know the laws

Oregon labor law prohibits teens from working late and/or long hours, and from doing especially dangerous work.
Oregon OSHA requires that the workplace be safe, and that workers receive health and safety training on the tasks they do.

Child labor and health & safety regulations

Are you a working teen? (English) and ?Eres un joven que trabaja? (Spanish)

Get a job, work safe (English) and  Consigue un empleo, trabaja de manera segura (Spanish)


Watch for warning signs

  • Tiredness: Is your teen always tired or complaining of not getting enough rest?
  • Lost Interest: Has your teen lost interest in school, extracurricular activities, or no longer has time for family and friends?
  • Work Injuries: Has your teen or other employees been injured on the job?
  • Unhappy at work: Does your teen appear unhappy with work? Often teens find it difficult to talk about sexual harassment or workplace stress.
  • Business citation: Has your teen’s workplace been recently cited for child labor violations?

Talk to your teen

Read through and encourage your teen to check out the For Teens section of this website.

What tasks do they do?

Talk frequently about your teen’s job. Find out what tasks they are asked to do. For example, are they asked to do heavy lifting? Work alone for extended periods?


Was your teen trained for the job?

If your teen is asked to perform a new task, he/she should be trained before doing it. What are potential workplace hazards? Ask your teen’s opinion of the workplace. Are there slippery floors, locked or blocked exit doors, crowded workplaces, and machines without safety guards?


Is the supervisor present?

Find out if the supervisor shows concern towards the employees and encourages questions.


Help resolve work problems

If your teen has concerns about hours or safety at work, help him or her think about what change is needed and why, whose help they might need, and how to approach the supervisor.

Set limits on work hours. If your teen is overtired or having trouble keeping up with schoolwork, he or she may be working too many hours. Help your teen reduce his or her work hours.


  • Young employee safety awareness online training – now available! Check out this free young employee safety awareness online training! Complete this 45 minute, flexible online course and get a certificate from Oregon OSHA. This training provides young workers with awareness of health and safety at work. It will enhance the youth’s understanding of young worker injuries, finding and controlling hazards, the rights and responsibilities they ...
  • 2017 Oregon GOSH Conference: Student and Early-Career Day O is pleased to sponsor the 2017 GOSH Career Day for young people (18-24) interested in a career in safety and health on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Objective: To introduce young people (18-24) to the safety and health profession through a full day, no-cost attendance at Oregon’s largest ...
  • Parent tips: Keeping young workers safe Getting a first job is an important milestone. This experience can be very  rewarding. It also may expose your teen to hazardous tasks and worksite conditions. Young workers are far more likely than adults to be injured at work, even though they work fewer hours and are prohibited from doing some particularly dangerous jobs. Take this ...


Where can parents find more information?

For more information or to make a complaint, contact one of these agencies.

Health or safety information:
Oregon OSHA
(800) 922-2689
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health)
(800) 321-OSHA (6742)

Wages or work hours information:
Oregon Wage and Hour Division
(971) 673-0761