For Teens

When you get a job

There are some very important things for you to know and do. This fact sheet was designed to help keep you and your friends safe at work: Are You a Working Teen. Read this and other info on this site to see how other teen workers (who are just like you and your friends) were hurt or killed while working, and how you can keep that from happening to you.

You should know

  • your rights as a teen worker
  • your responsibilities as a worker
  • there are laws that protect teens
  • what to do if you are hurt at work
  • what to do if you have a concern about safety

Resources for you

  • Young employee safety awareness online training – now available! Check out this free young employee safety awareness online training! Complete this 45 minute, flexible online course and get a certificate from Oregon OSHA. This training provides young workers with awareness of health and safety at work. It will enhance the youth’s understanding of young worker injuries, finding and controlling hazards, the rights and responsibilities they ...
  • Finalists named in 2017 Speak up. Work safe. video contest Seven videos created by high school students from across the state were picked as finalists in the 2017 video contest. The top 7 finalists in the 2017 Speak up. Work safe. video contest are now available on YouTube. The finalists are: “Rapaccidents Happen” – Parkrose High School “Rewind” – Parkrose High School “Safety Doesn’t Judge Age” – North Bend High ...
  • 2017 Oregon GOSH Conference: Student and Early-Career Day O is pleased to sponsor the 2017 GOSH Career Day for young people (18-24) interested in a career in safety and health on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Objective: To introduce young people (18-24) to the safety and health profession through a full day, no-cost attendance at Oregon’s largest ...
  • OSHA: Young Worker Right’s Video Have you been to Federal OSHA’s Young Worker website recently? Check out the real stories shared by young workers from across the country. Watch the video!
  • “Speak up. Work safe.” video contest finalists announced Eleven videos created by high school students from across the state were picked as finalists in the 2015 video contest. Original News Release March 19, 2015 Finalists named in high school safety video contest Eleven videos featured on YouTube (Salem) – High school students across the state created videos that are full of drama, humor, and interesting characters to increase ...
  • Are You a Working Teen? Are You a Working Teen? – download the print version Could I get hurt or sick on the job? 18-year-old Sylvia caught her hand in an electric cabbage shredder at a fast food restaurant. Her hand is permanently disfigured and she’ll never have full use of it again. 17-year-old Joe lost his life while working as a construction helper. An ...

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