OSHA 10 for Young Workers

Since 2010, health and safety professionals representing the Columbia-Willamette Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) have been presenting 10-hour OSHA classes for about-to-graduate Oregon high school students. This class, fondly called OSHA 10 among safety folks, gives a terrific introduction to job hazards, workplace rights and responsibilities, and more.

Over the past few years, these dedicated safety professionals have volunteered their time, some with the support of their employers, to train almost 250 students in the basics of workplace safety with successful completion of the 10-hours of training. O[yes] applauds the founders of this effort – Luke Betts, Aubrey Sakaguchi and Kevin Wheatcroft – who met early on with Dede Montgomery to learn about NIOSH’s Talking Safety Curriculum. This encouraged the instructors to augment the traditional OSHA 10 curriculum with Talking Safety interactive activities. These original instructors have added the talents of Illa Gilbert-Jones and Paula Jones to their instructor pool. The group eagerly welcomes newer instructors in an effort to grow the pool and increase opportunities for other students to attend this class.

The OSHA 10-hour classes, designed for both general industry and construction, provide a terrific introduction to workplace safety and health and help foster positive safety attitudes to these young workers, sometimes even before taking on their first job. Learn more about OSHA Training Programs and Outreach.

Are you a safety and health professional who would like to support this effort as a volunteer trainer? Contact us for more information.

Are you a teacher or youth leader who would like to know more about this class or other training opportunities for young workers and students? Contact us.


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