Safety Speaks Curriculum

We’ve developed a Young Worker Safety curriculum PowerPoint presentation for instructors to use during Safety Speaks presentations to young workers and students. The presentation contains YouTube links to selected O[yes] winning videos used to emphasize key points and enhance discussion. The presentation also includes notes to assist the presenter. This presentation is available for anyone to use to further conversations with young workers and students about workplace safety and health. It is meant to introduce participants to basic concepts discussed in more detail in the NIOSH Youth@Work: Talking Safety curriculum. O[yes] volunteers using this curriculum for Safety Speaks have either attended the Train-the-Trainer Course in Youth@Work: Talking Safety or studied the curriculum independently.

If you are an O[yes] member or volunteer planning to provide Safety Speaks presentations, we can arrange to get copies of the videos either as DVDs or through dropbox if you are unable to rely on internet access. Contact us for more information.

Download the Safety Speaks presentation (PPT) (coming soon).

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