Safety Speaks

Teachers and Group Leaders: Are you looking for dynamic speakers to introduce high school-aged students to the importance of workplace safety? We are pleased to provide Oregon-based occupational safety and health professionals to present and lead this discussion in a group setting at no cost to you. Our speakers are all experienced workplace safety leaders who have attended train-the-trainer instruction on “Talking Safety – Youth@Work” created by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

• Classroom or similar space.
• Ideally, a projector with computer input, (computer/internet connection useful but not required), chalk or white board. It is possible to lead this discussion without a projector, but if so, would be preferable to have access to a TV with DVD player.
• 45-60 minutes of allowable time
• Commitment by teacher/leader to provide a self-led follow-up discussion with the students/group at a later date, and submit a completed evaluation form following the session.

• How and why young workers get hurt more often at work than older workers.
• Employee rights and responsibilities.
• Tips for communicating and addressing problems.
• Winning O[yes] safety contest videos from Oregon high school students.

Contact us to learn more or request a speaker. Please tell us where you are located, the type of group or class, ages and number of students, and ideal time frame or date options.

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